Monthly Book Bites: May 2023

Das Ende des Papiergeld-Zeitalters

Author: Roland Baader
My rating: 6/10

This book can be divided into 2 chapters:

  • a substantive and interesting approach to capitalism, the state and its place in society, and freedom, which is under threat,
  • prophesying doom in a preachy way, which has nothing to do with the first chapter, but is merely a reflection of the author’s pessimistic view of the world.

It is only worth it for the substantive part.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Author: Mark Manson
My rating: 8.5/10

This book is one of my tops, even though objectively is not as good. So why I am rating is so high? Simply because is strongly resonates with my personal experience.

Mark uses the anecdote of a hypothetical person wanting to become a rock star, akin to a ‘guitar hero’, as an illustration of one of his key principles: the importance of process over results.

He talks about the hypothetical person who dreams of being an amazing guitarist, adored by fans worldwide. But Manson points out that such a dream often ignores the hard work, years of practice, uncertainty, and frequent failures involved in actually becoming a successful musician.

Manson argues that if someone is not willing to go through the difficult process—if they don’t love the process of learning, practicing, and sometimes failing at guitar—they don’t really want to become a guitarist. They’re in love with the idea of being a rock star, not the reality. He suggests that people often fall in love with the result (the fame, adoration, etc.), but they don’t consider the process required to get there, which leads to disappointment and frustration.

So, the ‘guitar hero’ example is used to emphasize the importance of loving the process rather than focusing solely on the end goal. If you’re not prepared to face the struggle and challenges involved in achieving something, then according to Manson, you probably don’t want it as much as you think you do.


Author: Marcus Aurelius
My rating: 8/10

Absolute must have for every one seeking for stoics wisdom. Its always strikes me how much knowledge has already been there in books for last centuries, which makes me wonder why we are trying to reinvent the wheel again and again ?

“Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius isn’t just a book, it feels like a life companion. Its rich, introspective insights have an uncanny ability to surface just when I need them most. Each reading brings new perspectives and challenges me to examine my values and actions. Aurelius isn’t simply a Roman emperor – through his words, he becomes a personal mentor guiding me towards patience, understanding, and acceptance of life’s ups and downs. His wisdom, although thousands of years old, feels timeless and universal. This book is truly a treasure that continues to inspire and enlighten me.

8 rules of love

Author: Jay Shetty
My rating: 8 /10

Jay Shetty’s book is valuable, blending advice from therapists, wisdom from the Vedas, and common sense, though it isn’t ground-breaking. Despite its promotional hype, it primarily repackages existing wisdom, which may benefit younger readers or those new to the genre.

The book doesn’t deliver any brand-new insights. It compiles advice available in various other media – books, counseling, blogs, podcasts – and presents it with a modern spin. Though phrases like “Until now” and the promise of rules can be off-putting, seeming more like marketing gimmicks, they don’t diminish the value of the content.

Rooted in Vedic principles, the book is filled with exercises, anecdotes, and scientific studies. It aligns with the four stages of life described in the Vedas, applying these stages to the progression of relationships. However, the book can feel a bit heavy with questionnaires and assessments, giving it a therapeutic vibe.

Despite its minor flaws, this book can be recommended for younger audiences or those who haven’t already delved into similar texts. It’s a useful compendium of wisdom, even if not entirely novel.


Author: Plato
My rating: 7/10

Apologia is Plato’s account of Socrates’ self-defense speech in front of the judges who accused him of not believing in gods and corrupting the youth with his ideas.

This brief text, essentially a dialogue, is a wellspring of profound quotes, making it an essential part of our Western literary tradition. I shared some of its wisdom with my beloved spouse recently, and he was eager to revisit them. Regrettably, our society often overlooks such literature in educational curricula, dismissing it because it comes from the pens of ‘dead white men’.

Such disregard seems misguided! After all, Socrates himself faced his demise due to people’s aversion to the truth. The fear of truth was as present in his Athenian times as it is today. In the words of another sage, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’.

Here are a few quotes from the text:

  1. “The unexamined life is not worth living.”
  2. “I am that gadfly which God has given the state and all day long …arousing and persuading and reproaching…You will not easily find another like me.”
  3. “For to fear death, gentlemen, is nothing other than to think oneself wise when one is not; for it is to think one knows what one does not know.”
  4. “Be sure that if you kill the sort of man I say I am, you will not harm me more than yourselves.”


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