Remote Work: Advantages (Pros)

There are numerous benefits to remote work — for remote workers, and for their employers.

Remote employees are more productive than office employees 

There are multiple researches showing that although remote workers are taking more breaks, they remain focus for longer, more studies:

Remote work companies attract top talent

Let’s be clear. The new is coming – new generation was born in remote times and they don’t expect to work differently. Remote work shifted from “nice to have” to “must have” for many companies.

Furthermore, when you switch to fully remote mode, you realize that you can hire people from all around the world, you are no longer limited to your city or country.

It’s more attractive for employees

Employees working remotely receives a lot of benefits:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Working from anywhere
  • Time with family
  • Working from home
  • A better work-life balance
  • Health benefits
  • No commute

It’s a lot of advantages, which of course makes employers offering such job position more attractive on a market. Remote workers are also proven to be more loyal then typical employees.


Dawid Adach

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For years I've been working as an IT Consultant in countries like Netherlands, Belgium, Poland or India developing enterprise class systems for the biggest companies within domain.

Since 2016 I'm co-founder of - world class UI Framework used by NASA, Amazon, Nike, Airbus, Samsung, Apple and many other Fortune 500 Companies.

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