Remote Work Organisation: Policies

Since remote work change a lot in organisation you have to make sure to have right policies in place. What has to be included might vary depending on country you are operating but below you can find some generic points which should be covered in your policy. At the bottom of the page you will also find sample policy drafts which can be your starting points.

What should be covered in policy?

  • Who’s Eligible and Remote Work Frequency
  • How employees will work remotely.
  • What tools, resources, and strategies will team members need to work effectively?
  • How will remote employees communicate with the rest of the team?
  • Will you set them up with video conferencing software and hardware so they can virtually attend meetings and brainstorms?
  • Do your employees need separate technology or equipment to maintain an effective home workspace, like a second monitor or printer?
  • Will you offer a stipend or reimbursement so employees can purchase necessary equipment for their home offices?
  • Clear rules about working from home.
  • Performance reviews
  • Provided Tools
  • Security (how to secure data)
  • GDPR (how to be compliant with GDPR)

Sample policies for download:


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