The Ultimate List of 62 AI Tools – February 2023

Everyone is discussing ChatGPT, but there are plenty of other AI tools that you should be aware of to stay on top of the AI revolution. Here’s a list of the top AI tools that you need to know about 🚀

Category: Video

Quinvio AI | Free Options
Create video presentations quickly with AI

Vidyo | Free Options
Make short-form videos from long-form content

Maverick | Paid options
Generate personalized videos

Synthesia | Paid
Create AI videos by simply typing in text

Descript | Free Options
New way to make video and podcasts

Category: Image

Flair | Free
Design branded content in a flash

Illustroke | Free start credits
Create killer vector images from text prompts

Patterned | Free Options
Generate patterns for your product using AI

Stockimg | Free Options
Generate the perfect stock photo you need

Cleanup | Free Options
Remove any wanted object from your pictures

StockAI | Free
Massive collection of free, AI-generated stock photos

Lexica | Free
Search a massive library of curated AI images

Looka | Paid
Design your own beautiful brand

Femme Stock | Payment Required
Beautiful, feminine Ai stock images

MegaPortal for macOS | Free
Apply AI models locally on your devices with privacy focus

Category: Audio

Beatoven | Free Options
Create unique royalty-free music | Free
AI Drake song generator

Magenta Studio | Free
Make music & art using machine learning

MusicLM by Google |  Free
A text to music AI model by Google

Soundraw | Free Options
Stop searching for the song you need. Create it.

Category: Voice

Otter | Free Options
Capture and share insights from your meetings

Unlimited Voice Transcription with API | Free Options
Fast voice-to-text on 92 languages

Cleanvoice | 30 days trial
Automatically edit your podcast episodes

Podcastle | Free Options
Studio quality recording

AssemblyAI | Paid
Turns audio content into transcriptions

Krisp | Free Options
Krisp’s AI removes background voices from calls

Category: Social Media

SocialBu | Free Options
AI-powered complete social media management tool

Social Comments GPT for Twitter | Free
Create engaging comments on social media using ChatGPT

DocGPT AI Writer for Docs | Free Options
Transform your writing process with AI for Docs

Ocoya | Paid Options
Create and schedule social media content

Category: Content

Inkforall | Paid
AI content

Thundercontent | Paid
Generate Content with AI

Lex Page | Free (waiting list)
An AI-enhanced word processor

Category: Text generation/classification/recognition

Text classifier / recognition  | Free
AI Text Classifier by OpenAI. New AI classifier for indicating AI-written text

OpenAI in | Free Options
The power of ChatGPT in spreadsheets

CopyAI | Free Options
Generated copy, that actually increases conversion

CopyMonkey | Paid
Create Amazon listings in seconds

Unbounce | Paid Options
Write high-performing cold emails

Category: Assistant

Notion AI (Alpha)| Free
Introducing Notion AI (Alpha), your new AI assistant integrated into your Notion workspace. (1) Save time. Write faster. Let AI do the first draft. (2) A creative partner to brainstorm ideas. (3) Utilities: translation + grammar/spell + summarize.

RoboHelper | Paid
Your ChatGPT assistant

Ai Pal | Free Options
The most intelligent contact on your Whats AppChatGPT

LINER AI  | Free
LINER AI is a search assistant for Google powered by ChatGPT. Experience next-gen search enhanced by References and Search Next. Find the answers based on LINER AI’s unique semi-parametric model & trustworthy sources.

Delibr AI | Free
AI-assisted end-to-end product management platform

Kayyo | Free
AI-powered personal MMA trainer

Category: GPT3 tools

GPT-3 Playbook | Free
Free playbook to build your first GPT-3 powered product | Free lets you upload your own content to provide as context to GPT-3, so you can ask GPT-3 about topics it doesn’t know about.

Deploy Button for custom GPT-3 APIs | Free Options
Instant GPT-3 backend hosting so you can focus on product

EffectiveGPT | Free
Get accurate ChatGPT prompts

Category: Resume

Resumeworded | Free Options
Improve your resume and LinkedIn profile

ChatGPT Famous Resumes | Free
1000+ AI generated resumes of famous people

Category: Misc

Quickchat | Paid options
AI chatbots that automate customer service

Humanic AI | Free Options
A PLG CRM allows you to define PQL metrics and uncover your dark pipeline without the need for a Data warehouse

This Product Does Not Exist | Free
Reinventing the wheel with AI, one product at a time

Recipes By AI | Free
Generate recipes from a list of ingredients, powered by AI

Atomic | Free Options
Solve all your scheduling problems using AI for everyone

Water | Free Options
Build custom ChatGPTs that run automations, 🦾 Put ChatGPT to work. Connect with Airtable, Zapier, APIs and more.

Puzzle | Free (waiting list)
Build an AI-powered knowledge base

Pragma | Free Options
Centralizes knowledge for easy reference

Browse | Paid
Extract data from websites easily

OpenAI in HubSpot CRM  | Free
FintaAutomate your entire fundraising workflow

Category: AI tools listings

The AI Warehouse | Free
Comprehensive directory of top AI tools brought to market

theresanaiforthat | Free
Comprehensive database of AIs

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