The Ultimate list of free alternative to paid applications

Today I prepared something special for you. I gathered a list of free software, which are perfect alternative to applications like Adobe Photoshop / Premiere or Microsoft Office.

Among the others you will find software like VPNs, antiviruses, learning tools, photo and video editing tool, 3D modelling and many many more. And all of that, of course for free.

Unfortunately this list might get obsolete someday therefore if you find any mistake – let me know in the comments. Also if you think that there are some other apps which are missing here and should be on the list – also let me know 🙂

Below you can see the table including list of the software, you can also download it in following formats:
OpenDocument (.ods)

CategoryProject NameURLPlatforms supportedAlternative to paid product
3d Modeling / Animation (complex)Blender.org , AutoDesk Maya ($3,675)
3d Modeling (Simple)Sketchup Draw ?
3d Modelling (Voxel/Brick)MagicaVoxel Draw ?
3D Modeling (Digital Clay Sculpting)Sulptris Draw ?
3D Modeling (In VR)Google Blocks
Human 3D (Model / Armature generator)MakeHuman
CADFreeCADWindows, macOS, LinuxAutoCAD ($4,195 and up)
Photo Editing / ManipulationGIMP, macOS, LinuxPhotoshop ($19.99 per user per month)
Digital Painting / ComicsKrita Ilustrator
Vector Art.Inkspace, macOS, LinuxIllustrator ($19.99 per user per month), CorelDraw($429)
Graphic/DrawingDiaWindows, macOS, LinuxVisio Professional($589.99)
StoryBoardingStoryboarder Ilustrator
Video Game EngineUnity
Visual Novel Maker w/no CodeFungus + Unity
Text Vased Game (Non linear stories)Twine
Audio / Sound Recording / EditingAudacity LogicPro ($199.99), FL Studio Producer Edition ($199)
Sheet Music NotationMusescore
Retro Game Music MakerBosca Ceoil
Retro Video Game Effects GeneratorBFXR
Audio/Music toolsAmarok, macOS, LinuxBest open source alternative to: iTunes
Screen capture % recordShareX
Screen & webcam recordingOBS Studio
Live Streaming (Twitgh / Youtube)Streamlabs OBS
Video and Audio ConverterHandbrake, macOS, LinuxNero Recode 2
2d Animation (cutout)Opentoonz
Stick Figure AnimationPivot Animator
Stop Motion / ClaymotionStop Motion Studio only)
Video EditingBlender
Flashcards / Spaced Repetition Learning:Anki Wesome Websites, macOS, Linux, Android, any device with web browser
Distraction Free WritignWriter (Bighugelabs)
Script / PlaywritingAmazon Storywriter
Sound Efect DatabaseFreesound.org
Music for Film/
Pixel Art. & AnimationPiksel
Texture adn HDRIs for 3D – HDRI HavenHDRI Haven
FontsGoogle Fonts
Simple Android App MakerAppInventor
Color Palette GeneratorCoolors.Co
Rhyme dictionaryRhymezone.com
Media PlayerVLC, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
OfficeLibreOffice Office ($71.88 per user per year and up)
OfficeGoogleDocs Office ($71.88 per user per year and up)
OfficeOpenOffice Office ($71.88 per user per year and up)
AntivirusClamAV Anti-Virus, McAfee AntiVirus Plus
AntivirusClamWin Anti-Virus, McAfee AntiVirus Plus
PasswordStorage KeePass, macOS, LinuxRoboForm, LastPass
PDF ToolsPDFCreator Acrobat ($381.65)
Compression Tools7-zip, macOS, LinuxWinZip, WinRar
VPNPsiphon and AndroidPopular paid VPN clients.
Backup / Restore toolsClonezilla and LinuxSymantec Norton Ghost, Acronis True Image
Notes NixNote and LinuxEvernote, Microsoft OneNote
EducationOctave, macOS, LinuxMathWorks MATLAB
Clean up ToolsBleachBit and LinuxCCleaner


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