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Discover the $250/day PDF Selling Method!
July 19, 2023   |   Blog

While it may sound like clickbait, it’s actually a fascinating experiment I conducted recently. If you know me, you’re aware of my love for trying new things and my passion for entrepreneurship. I always encourage others to explore their own ventures. I’m constantly seeking knowledge and sharing my experiences. Previously, I created a video on […]

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Why do IT projects (almost) always fail?
July 17, 2023   |   Bez kategorii

Back in 2008-10, during my Computer Science studies at university, one of our professors shared startling statistics: more than 50% of IT projects historically failed, either partially or entirely. What was even more surprising was that, thirty years on, this ratio remained almost unchanged. Over half of the IT projects were still failing – failing […]

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💣 How will AI destroy itself 💥
July 5, 2023   |   Blog

“Experts estimate that as much as 90 percent of online content may be synthetically generated by 2026,” the report warned, adding that synthetic media “refers to media generated or manipulated using artificial intelligence.” Source: Europol 3 consequences that we can already (fore)see: 1) When AI starts learning from AI The data used to train large […]

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Monthly Book Bites: June 2023
July 1, 2023   |   Bez kategorii

Life at Full Throttle Author: Jan KaczkowskiMy rating: 7.5/10 The book is a fantastic read. It’s an open conversation with Priest Jan Kaczkowski, who is sadly no longer with us. He does not shy away from addressing challenging and often controversial topics. Priests who are a bit unconventional fascinate me. On one hand, I admire […]

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Monthly Book Bites: May 2023
June 1, 2023   |   Books

Das Ende des Papiergeld-Zeitalters Author: Roland BaaderMy rating: 6/10 This book can be divided into 2 chapters: It is only worth it for the substantive part. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck Author: Mark MansonMy rating: 8.5/10 This book is one of my tops, even though objectively is not as good. So why […]

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Failures are just lessons. Sometimes costly, though….
May 11, 2023   |   Bez kategorii

What would you do if your employee caused a significant damage costing $20,000? 💰 This is what happened to us a few years ago… There’s a well-known urban legend in the business world about a manager who makes a mistake and loses an impressive $10 million. 😱 He dejectedly goes into the office the next […]

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🎮 Gamification for Business Growth: Lessons from Duolingo 🎓
May 9, 2023   |   Blog

As a CEO, you’re always seeking innovative ways to improve your business and drive employee/customers engagement. Gamification has emerged as an effective strategy to motivate and retain both customers and employees. Duolingo, is a language learning app. Learning is difficult. Staying motivated is probably the hardest part of it. The app owners managed to change […]

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Monthly Book Bites: April 2023
May 1, 2023   |   Books

PSYCHOeffects. 50 psychological phenomena that affect your life. Author: Kamil ZielińskiMy rating: 7.5/10 A solid book in the form of a cross-section of the most important psychological phenomena. As a fan of psychology, I had doubts whether I should read it – I know most of the described studies, but I quickly realized that it […]

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Netflix vs Blockbuster: The Rise and Fall of Two Video Giants
April 17, 2023   |   Bez kategorii

25 years ago on April 14, 1997 Netflix was launched🎂 In the late 1990s, Blockbuster was the king of the video rental industry with its ubiquitous blue-and-yellow stores scattered throughout the United States. Netflix, on the other hand, was just a small start-up trying to find its way. But within a decade, the tables had […]

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On what we can and can’t
April 4, 2023   |   Blog

🚀 AI is here. It will take some jobs. We won’t stop that.But how about we focus on what we can, rather than what we can’t change? Let me tell you the story. 👟 It’s 1918 soon after WWI. Adi Dassler, a young man with a vision, watches nervously as his first and only employee, […]

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